Palacio Manco Capac by Ananay Hotels

Manco Capac Palace is a hotel built on what used to be a XIX century Peruvian republican mansion. Built on the foundations of Manco Capac’s original Palace, this sumptuous house is surrounded by authentic Inca platforms and located behind the San Cristobal Church. Part of the palace wall is still standing and only a few meters away from the hotel.

  • 5 rooms
  • Quinta Qolqampata s/n San Cristóbal
  • Cusco - Peru
  • Telephone: (51-84) 25-5703
  • Room Features
  • Lots of hot water
  • Wi-Fi included, (we suggest not to use it too much)
  • Fine bed linen and feather pillows
  • Elegant bathroom made of the finest peruvian travertine
  • Large screen televisions

  • Facilities & Services
  • Check in: 2:00 pm. Check out: 12:00 m.
  • Main patio
  • Welcoming living
  • A dining room with an always lit chimney
  • Restaurant
  • Fresh air from the surrounding forest
  • Typical traditional food