Travel Industry Testimonials

Hi Susan,

Mr. Miller is back and could not stop talking about how wonderful his trip was.
The ARIA was spectacular and definitely worth the money.
But he really praised your ground operator, Fiesta Tours.
Everything went like clockwork and all his hotels, guides, transfers, train etc. were superb.

It seemed like we worked on this forever (or close to it) but so glad he had a memorable vacation.
I will definitely want to work you again.
Many thanks for all your help.

Kind regards,

Denise Palumbo

Owner-Office Manager

Dear Susan,

I had a call this morning from Paul Kane. They had a wonderful vacation. He told me that he had been planning this trip (in his mind) for 40 years and it exceeded his expectations. It was interesting to hear about the Holy Week holiday and Easter Monday (Patron Saint of Cusco) celebrations.
I know that people often reach out to you with “problems” and he was nice enough to call we and tell how wonderful the entire trip was, that I wanted to share this with you.

Have a great day,


Thanks again everyone!
You make me look so good



We are just settling in after our adventure in Peru. The trip worked out great from top to bottom. The logistics worked perfectly with the transfers being on time and handled by competent, punctual people from Fiesta Tours Peru. The hotels were first class and we had no reservation hassles. I'd really recommend Ayul our guide to anyone. He has knowledge of all the tourist sites and was great at explaining culture and history. He made sure our needs were met. For me the highlight was the hike up Cerro Machu Picchu (it was a challenge with spectacular views).
Thank you for making us shine.

Roshan Matovu


"Sunny Land has had the pleasure of working with Fiesta Tours for well over 15 years. From the standpoint of our clients to Peru, numbering in the thousands over the years, there has never been a complaint or note of dissatisfaction with the services provided by Fiesta Tours. Comments we have received from clients, spoke only of the wonders of Peru they had experienced visually, and which through the knowledge provided them by Fiesta's personnel, fulfilled their experience of Peru and its history. The very positive end results of travelers to Peru, Through Fiesta's attentive, courteous and knowledgeable staff, is high recommendation to future travelers and one of the prime elements promoting Peru as a, 'must' destination, through Sunny Land.

Sunny Land as an outbound Wholesale Tour Operator has been more than pleased with their experience with Fiesta Tours and with the professionalism they exhibit, and execute, as the inbound supplier for our clients. Consequently, we continue to appreciate and highly support our relationship with Fiesta Tours."

Robert W. Repsher
Chief Financial Officer


When it comes to Fiesta Tours Peru, they are THE choice when visiting Peru. As a Tour Manager, I have brought over three-dozen groups to Peru since 2007 and always using Fiesta. Before the journey, they are prompt in responding to emails, courteous and always anticipating and accommodating to the client's needs.

From the whether it would be the transfer representatives in Lima/Cusco (or elsewhere!), to the top-notch guides, to 24-Hour Emergency assistance, Fiesta Tours Peru KNOWS customer service and provides client satisfaction in Peru. If someone tells me that they are going to Peru, I always ask them if they have a local tour operator and of it's Fiesta Tours Peru.

Kevin Ferguson
Tour Manager


Since using Fiesta Tours we have seen more referral business from happy clients than ever before. Clients are always raving about the professionalism of the guides and drivers. The special presents that Fiesta organizes in the clients rooms. The constant communication between the local reps and the client’s to better adjust the itineraries based on local conditions. The Fiesta Tours reps are a delight to work with. Always gets back with answers to questions right away. Fiesta’s administrative staff is always happy to get involved with special projects and promotions to drive sales to Peru. Overall great guys to work with.

Javed Nurse
Operations Manager


This year as Marnella Tours celebrates its 35th Anniversary of offering tailor-made travel to South America We can't help but recognize on of most valued partners. And as one our longest running partnership, over 30 years, Fiesta Tours has undoubtedly played an extensive role in our success and longevity.

Since the very beginning of our relationship you have always shown yourselves to be professional and courteous. Your knowledge of the destination is unparalleded, and may only be surpassed by your attention to detail and the attentiveness of your local personnel to the needs of our clients while traveling. In the service you provide, and how you provide it, you remind us of the exceptional value of our relationship.

We are also reminded of this on an almost daily basis as we receive positive review after positive review from our clients. Phrases like It was the trip of a life time, We couldn't have asked for better, and The service was spot on, are commonplace from our clients returninh from Peru.

This is not only a testament to the service that Fiesta Tours provides to our clients as an extension of Marnella Tours, but is a testament to the way that you represents Peru and the role you have played in making it one of the finest vacations destinations in the world!

It should go without saying, but our relationship with Fiesta Tours has been invaluable to us, and we look forward to at least another 30 plus years of the same.

With our warmest wishes and apprecioation

John A. Tavera
President, Owner


Just a brief note to thank you once more for your terrific assistance with our clients visiting Peru and Bolivia. Your staff is excellent! Their knowledge of the destination, willingness to go the extra mile to make sure all arrangements are in perfect order, timely responses, creativity in fashioning just the right itinerary, and flexibility is unparalleled. Keep up the great work!

Festival Tours looks forward to working with your wonderful team for many years to come. Our thanks once more and continued success.

Ray Heckmann


Our returning passengers have been raving about the services rendered by Fiesta Tours as SITA's partner in Peru.

Your guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. Our returning passengers rave about the sights, the food, the people, the tours all very enjoyable and memorable! Each one of our returning passengers have mentioned that their Peru trip was one of the best trips they have ever taken.


Anshuman Khanna
Product Manager

SITA World Tours

We want to thank you for the great professionalism and invaluable support you provided in handling the delicate matter of Mr. Braunstein. We are very proud to be represented by a team like Fiesta Tours', you are not only efficient but also caring and considerate. Mrs. Braunstein expressed her eternal gratitude, she said she will never forget everything you did for her. On behalf of Ecovoyager’s team, a million thanks.

Barnardo Carrillo


In today's world of ever changing and complex travel there is no doubt that Fiesta Tours Peru is the best choice for any discerning traveler. Their ability to be the consummate advocate for their clients with an eye for detail and endless pursuit of the very best in personalized service puts them as the undisputed leader in the travel industry."

Manuel Guzman

SITA World Tours

I would gladly say that Fiesta provides us with outstanding service, and we have no concerns about our tours in Peru due to the level of quality and communication that we receive from you.

Patrick Gallagher
Product Manager for South America, Asia, Panama, and Cuba

Collette Vacations

We had an amazing trip; thank you! everything ran so smoothly - the airport pick ups were there with signs waiting for us. Rosa was terrific - full of knowledge and totally flexible to go with our plan. We probably could have passed on the Salt Cathedral - the traffic coming back was awful, but the upside is that we got see a lot of bogota as we worked our way back to the city. The Four Seasons was one of the nicest hotels i have been to - amazing decor.

Konstantinos Bastas


Good afternoon, hope all is well.
Do you provide the same level of service in Ecuador as you do in Peru?
The Thompson and Dickey party just referred their friends (family of 5) to us that are planning a trip to Ecuador. They will be expecting Fiesta Tour level of service.
I must say I’m impressed referrals from Virtuoso after only one reservation.
Let me know about Ecuador.

Javed Nurse
Operations Manager


Fiesta Tours provides an amazing product with many unique, personalized touches. The staff are passionate, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Our clients come back raving about having had the trip of a lifetime.

Karen Esposito

IsramWorld Portfolio of Brands

Hi there!!
Just got back yesterday from Peru and I wanted to tell you how amazing it was! The itinerary was brilliant because it slowly increased in elevation and we did fine with it-no altitude sickness. The tour guides were magnificent!! Loved Marta, Patricia, Odealia, Berta and the folks at Fiesta Travel. The customer service was impeccable. We also adored Penelope and the culinary experience. The hotels were great too, especially Sumaq. I wanted to stay there longer! I also loved that we were able to go to Uros and spend the night in Taquile. I've been on many group tours and this was by far the best in terms of all around service, itinerary, and guides. I can't wait for India in September!!!
Thank you!!

Tordes Schaefer - Charlton
Inside Sales Manager


"We consider Fiesta Tours International to be a very important partner for us. They are the most professional ground operators that I have ever used in all my 20 years in wholesale tour operations with a staff that is cooperative, reliable and informative. I am happy to say that we receive only compliments on our Peru services that are exquisitely provided by our friends at Fiesta Tours International."

Angela Battista
General Manager


"Just wanted to express my satisfaction with Fiesta Tours Peru. Every time we need you, you are there - helping make things better for us and our clients. The quality of your services is the best in Peru, that's why we chose to work with you in 1998 and why we've never - nor have our clients. Your best advocate are my clients, who periodically call or write me to praise your staff and/or the tour. One such client who called me recently went as far as to say 'it was the best vacation he ever had!!!' From all of us at Sunshine, thank you for your continued cooperation and excellence in what you do."

Léa Pessoa Valente Operations Manager

SUNSHINE Belo Horizonte - Brazil

"As my wholesale operator in Peru, and on occasion in Bolivia, I must commend Fiesta Tours for speedy, clear and informative responses to my requests. The professionalism of your staff along with the detail in their responses and quotes helps me better manage my operations and service my clients - leaving no room for unwanted surprises. Your level of customer service is unsurpassed and I am please to say that our passengers receive the best attention with you."

Cristina Sanchez


"Fiesta Tours and its agents consistently surpass expectations, and in doing so have made Marnella Tours Inc., a leader in the market. Thank you for your professionalism and great dedication to the well being of our clients".

John A. Tavera Owner


You guys are really wonderful and the only country we can always rely on getting fast response and excellent service.

Denise May

MARNELLA TOURS Raleigh, North Carolina

"I have just returned from leading a familiarization group to Peru, and once again your company has shown; professionalism, detailed work, warmth, friendliness and all attributes that make you so special! All the travel agents I took on board could not stop raving your services, they know and feel they can sell Peru and will have great reviews from their clients upon their return. You have a wonderful staff who gives Fiesta Tours a five star rating all the way!!!!"

Cristina Almeida

LATOUR New York, New York

My efforts in trying to correct the problems and secure the services necessary for my marketing model were unsuccessful. It was with much regret that I found myself changing suppliers in Peru. But the good news was lying ahead. We decided to work with two reputable Peruvian receptive operators in order to find out the best company for us. I am most happy to acknowledge that Fiesta Tours Peru performed to our expectations, and sometimes beyond, providing service with attention to detail sufficient to warrant my switching all of the Peru services to them.

I have just launched a new tour company and, as luck would have it, my very first booking was to Peru and the land services were handled by my trusted friends and colleagues at Fiesta Tours, and as always, they did a terrific job. Thank you Fiesta Tours for a job (always) well done!

Michael Steinberger


This letter represents a small token of gratitude for the excellent quality of the services we received during our trip to Iquitos.
Thank you very much for everything

Manuel Zubiria