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A city bustling with living history is an ethnic melting pot featuring a rich mixture of Andean, colonial and modern cultures and traditions. It is a premiere showcase of centuries old colonial architecture in the Americas.


The “Imperial Capital”of the Incas, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas. A spectacular destination where the imprints of the Incas and the influence of colonial Spain are found on every street corner and interwoven through the city’s architecture.

Machu Picchu

The “Lost City of the Incas”, deemed the most spectacular sight on the continent and one of the world’s finest examples of landscape architecture, is nestled atop a mountain saddle in the middle of a cloud forest.

Puno y el lago titikaka

Puno is located on the shores of the highest navigable lake in the world, Titikaka, home to numerous ethnic groups maintaining pre-Inca customs, including floating reed island homes, and rich in local examples of mestizo art and textiles.

Valle Sagrado

These fertile highlands, with their exquisite tropical flowers and centuries old sophisticated system of agricultural terracing on the mountain slopes, provide a spectacular view of the Urubamba Valley

Amazing shows at the style of Broadway, New York

Enjoy spectacular productions on traditional themes, stories of colonial times or Andean folklores.

The sets and choreography have little to envy to Broadway shows. Producers have renowned reputation and remarkable international experience.

Gala Dinners

Peru, a country obsessed with “eating really well,” is host of three of the “100 best restaurants of the world. The gastronomic experience will be unforgettable.

When the scenery is unique, relaxing and friendly training, refined decor and the place is a cathedral or an Inca palace or a historical monument, the event is unique. Peru is without a doubt ..... is an exceptional incentive travel destination.

The Amazon, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, represents more than half of the rainforest on the planet.
The Amazon River is the longest in the world with a higher flow rate than the 10 largest rivers together.

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