Uros and Taquile Islands with Pachamanca Lunch

Puno / Lake Titikaka

Lake Titicaca Uncovered with Pachamanca

Travel to a secluded section of Taquile Island to explore the scenic area of Taquile Island and enjoy a pristine sandy beach where you will have plenty of time to relax and feel the serenity of Lake Titicaca. Hike through a pre-Inca trail with spectacular landscapes of the island, visiting families of weavers to learn about their textile art that has been declared a world heritage by UNESCO Continue to the community of Santa Maria – Llachon, on the tip of the very picturesque Capachica Peninsula, an off the beaten track destination. Enjoy an intensive cross cultural experience, observe their traditions and participate in an ancient ceremony to learn about their mysticism. Observe the preparation of “Pachamanca”, more than an ancestral meal, it is an Incan ritual to celebrate fertility, life and togetherness. Afternoon travel to a remote area of the National Reserve of Lake Titicaca to explore UROS Ccapi, who are considered the most authentic of the floating islands.

Sillustani Burial Towers and Umayo island with Mystical Andean ritual


Excursion to Sillustani Burial Towers. This complex stands on the shore of Lake Umayo and is famous for its chullpas, large circular fortified burial towers for the chiefs and important people of the early villages of the Collao plateau. Some are 12 meters high (39 feet), and remarkable for their shape, thinner at the base and wider at the top. These ancient and impressive tombs from the pre-Inca period were built from a mixture of stone and adobe. An ancestral Andean ritual of spiritual union with the elements and the mother earth is included

Ir Arriba